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Service Above Self

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What it means to be a Rotarian?

In 2003 I joined Rotary because of work and in 2014 I stand as a Paul Harris Fellow because of the pride, joy and fellowship the Lee’s Summit Sunrise Rotary club brings to the me and the community. For years my husband and daughter have always said VOLUNTEER is part of my name. Serving others is in my body and soul and brings joy and ultimately a gift back to me. The impact we as Rotarians have on the world is twofold and full circle. It is nice to share my gifts and talents with people of the same passion, character and integrity and see how we can make a difference in all avenues of service.

Continue to Give and you Shall Receive.

Service above self is the way to live life to its fullest.
Nancy Boyd


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Rotary’s Vision for a Better World

Whatever Rotary may mean to us, to the rest of the world it will be measured by the results we achieve.

Rotary’s Vision for a Better World from Rotary International on Vimeo.

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US Pledges Against Polio

In what we all hope is the last battle against Polio, Barak Obama has thrown the US Government into the effort!

Since September of 2013 the Lee’s Summit Sunrise Rotary Club has raised over $3,000 for the fight against Polio. In the last several years that total is well over $20,000. What can you do to help? Attend a meeting, have a free breakfast on us and help us raise awareness of the final battle against Polio. Together we can make a difference!

See Full Article Here.

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LinkedIn Etiquette

Our club recently decided to add a LinkedIn page to our ever growing list of social media outlets. Thats brings up a few interesting problems when you compare it to the other platforms we use. For instance a post on LinkedIn will not have the same audience as one on Facebook or twitter will have. And the use of hashtags on Facebook is just plain annoying, thats a twitter thing, as well as Instagram and tumblr. LinkedIn doesn’t use has tags, or does it? With all that in mind I found a great article to help with your LinkedIn Etiquette.


You can find our Linked Page here.

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Students of the Month

Chris Mitchell Nola Tran








People often say they worry about our future. They see kids these days on some sort of a device all the time. Take that and pair it with hats that have straight bills (no curving anymore), baggie pants or what appear to be skin tight leggings under shorts and you may agree. But if our children are our future then I have to say that I am relieved. I see the same things you do with kids these days, but I also see another side of them. One that can only come from spending some time, listening. Thats exactly what the Sunrise Rotary club did at our last meeting. Every month we play host to two juniors from one of the local high schools. The following is a brief synapsis of what we learned about kids in this town.

Nola Tran is a Junior at Lee’s Summit High School. Her list of activities will make your head spin. For starters she is the Leader of Communications for the schools entire Robotics project. If you don’t know about the program, you should, its one of the best in the state, arguably one of the best in the Midwest. This however is just the tip of the iceberg with Nola. She is also a member of NHS, DECA, Math Club, a Tiger Mentor and helps develop curriculum for at risk middle school kids. As if she doesn’t have enough to do, she will be participating in this years polar plunge at Longview Lake in mid-February. Its an annual fundraiser for the Missouri Special Olympics. I am hoping for one of those rare 60 degree days for her. It’s her third year of the plunge after all.

Chris Mitchell is also a Junior from Lee’s Summit High School. Funny enough he is a member of the Math club as well. Guess who asked him to join? Nola Tran. Chris also has a long list of activities and studies that just makes you wonder when these kids sleep. His main passion is cross country running and you can see it in him when he speaks. Next year he will be the only Senior on the cross country team, judging by his passion he will make an excellent leader to his under class-men. His other passion is for theater, which lead him to do improv at the Coterie Theater at Crown Center. He is also a member of AM Static, the high school improv team as well as the Student Senate. He to will be taking the plunge next month.

These are just quick snapshots of two local high school kids. If they don’t give you hope for the future then I don’t know what will. If you’d like to hear more from our local high school students feel free to drop in on club meeting. The Lee’s Summit Sunrise Rotary Club meets every Friday morning at the Emaline Ballroom, 7:15 to 8:15. We serve Neighbors Cafe for breakfast at every meeting and there is no cost to guests.